I love animals, plain and simple! Especially dogs. Taking photos of pets is probably my favorite part of photography, based on getting to see the love they have for their human   friend(s) is amazing to me.

    I have two dogs of my own:


      -Nola (named after New Orleans). She is a 100 lbs American Bulldog.

   -Roma (named after Rome). She is our newest addition-the Rottweiler pup!

         Have you ever tried to take a photo of your pet? 

It is almost impossible to wrangle them enough to look cute at just the right moment- but-I have developed some unique           techniques that will allow us to capture the beautiful                 memories with your furry loved one.


Let's capture some vibrant and meaningful moments for you             to cherish for years to come!

 Bearded Ginger Studios | Pet Photography Services Available in Pflugerville, Texas