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              My name is Byran Hopkins- AKA -'The Bearded Ginger'. 

I grew up in central Texas, bouncing around from small town to small town. My parents were not the most nurturing (to say the least), and I grew up with almost no education.


I went to work full-time at the age of fourteen as a landscaper performing non-stop manual labor. While I don't miss the scorching Texas heat, I did always miss the satisfaction of taking something mundane and transforming it into something unique and beautiful.

I am completely self-taught, and have always had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. If I do not know something, I will investigate with every available resource until I find what I'm looking for.  

I  worked all around for just about everyone until I landed a position in the corporate world. I have always been a hard worker and eager to learn. I was very good at my job, and advanced rapidly. The pay was decent, but I was still unhappy. It was just a paycheck, and didn't provide me with the sense of satisfaction and meaning simply staring at lines on a computer in a cubicle ('Office Space 'anyone?).

The seeds for my passion for photography were planted when my wife and I went on our trip to Italy. At that time, all I had was a Smart Phone camera. Initially, I snapped photos just like anyone else - the 'point and shoot.' method. Then, I started thinking,...

'Thousands of tourists are taking the same pictures every day. Do I want to just add to the trend? '

The rest is history.

I  want to bring the same passion and drive that has fueled me my entire life to every single shoot ;  the same drive that pushed me to succeed where others thought I wouldn't, and the drive that helps me push others to do the same every day.

Let's take some captivating photos that show-case your life and vision, as you help me achieve my own.


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